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The StatBoard is a complete sports management system. Players can view their scores, matches, and tournaments and also socialize online with their friends and teams. Players can view their scores, matches, and tournaments and also socialize online with their friends and teams.



In the dynamic realm of sports management, the absence of a unified platform for player registration, event creation, and real-time score sharing posed a significant challenge. Hudasoft recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to address these complexities and enhance the experience for sports enthusiasts.


Hudasoft answered the call by developing The StatBoard, a versatile Sports Management System. Beyond seamlessly integrating player registration and event creation, The StatBoard empowers users to host sports events and offers a real-time score feature. This multi-faceted approach caters to the evolving expectations of sports enthusiasts and players.

Technologies Used

Cross-Platform Development: Flutter ensured a consistent user experience across iOS, Android, and web applications, enhancing accessibility for a diverse user base.

Backend Development: The robust and scalable .NET framework formed the core of The StatBoard ’s backend, facilitating efficient data processing and seamless integration of features.

Database Management: SQL played a pivotal role in maintaining data integrity and handling the intricacies of player registrations, event details, and live sports scores.

Cloud Infrastructure: Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provided The StatBoard with scalability, reliability, and heightened security. This strategic choice allowed for seamless accessibility and real-time updates, crucial for sports enthusiasts.


Hudasoft’s implementation of The StatBoard was meticulous and collaborative:

Comprehensive Analysis: In-depth analysis of the sports management ecosystem laid the foundation for a platform that met the diverse needs of players, event organizers, and sports enthusiasts.

User-Centric Design: The cross-platform nature of Flutter ensured a unified and engaging user interface, catering to users on iOS, Android, and web applications.

Backend Scalability: The integration of .NET and SQL ensured the scalability and efficiency of the backend, accommodating the intricacies of sports event management.

Testing and Refinement: Rigorous testing post-implementation, coupled with continuous feedback loops, refined The StatBoard  to ensure a seamless user experience.


The StatBoard redefined sports management, offering a cohesive platform for players and enthusiasts:

Unified Event Experience: Players could seamlessly join, create, and host sports events, fostering a sense of community within the platform.

Real-time Engagement: The live sports score feature met the demands of enthusiasts, providing real-time updates and enhancing the overall engagement.

Cross-Platform Reliability: Flutter, .NET, and SQL collectively contributed to a reliable and efficient Sports Management System accessible across various devices.

Future Prospects

The StatBoard ’s success sets the stage for future growth and enhancement:

Feature Expansion: Continuous integration of new features to meet evolving user expectations.

Global Accessibility: Leveraging cloud infrastructure for broader geographical reach and increased user participation.

"Exceptional coordination and technical insight made our project a resounding success. Truly outstanding project management skills."
Ahmad ElKhatib
CEO, The Statboard
(Sports & Fitness)

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