Comprehensive Look How IBIZI is a Game Changer for Automotive Industry


The IBIZI App easily connects vehicle owners directly to their dealership team. We provide a direct line of communication to make life easier for asking questions, scheduling service appointments, and even shopping for new, leased, or previously owned vehicles.


The Problem

Historically, automotive dealerships grappled with the challenge of establishing seamless connections with consumers, leading to a fragmented customer experience.

Manual processes, outdated technologies, and the absence of a centralized platform hindered communication and overall operational efficiency.

The Solution

Hudasoft addressed these challenges head-on through the development of IBIZI—an innovative automotive solution. Functioning as a bridge, IBIZI seamlessly connects dealerships with consumers, leveraging cutting-edge technology. The platform not only streamlines communication but also elevates customer engagement and optimizes operational processes.

Technologies Used

Development Stack: IBIZI utilizes a robust technology stack, incorporating .NET for backend development, React and React JS for dynamic and responsive front-end interfaces, and Swift for the iOS app development. This ensures a cohesive and seamless experience across various devices.

Database Management: Powered by SQL, IBIZI employs a scalable and efficient database management system. This robust foundation handles extensive data generated by automotive transactions and customer interactions.

Cloud Infrastructure: Hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, IBIZI benefits from scalability, reliability, and enhanced security. This strategic choice ensures a resilient ecosystem for both dealerships and consumers.


IBIZI’s implementation followed a systematic and phased approach. Hudasoft initiated the process with a comprehensive analysis of existing dealership challenges and specific requirements. The development team then crafted a user-centric design, incorporating feedback from both dealerships and consumers to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience.

The integration of .NET facilitated a powerful backend, enabling efficient data processing, while React and Swift contributed to the creation of a dynamic and user-friendly interface. The SQL database ensured data integrity and accessibility, supporting diverse transactions and interactions within the automotive ecosystem.

Throughout development, regular testing and feedback loops were established to refine and enhance the platform continuously. Post-implementation, Hudasoft provided comprehensive training and support to dealerships, ensuring a smooth transition to the IBIZI platform.


The implementation of IBIZI led to transformative outcomes for automotive dealerships:

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Dealerships experienced a significant improvement in engaging with customers, fostering a more connected automotive community.

Streamlined Operations: IBIZI’s user-friendly interface and innovative features contributed to streamlined dealership workflows, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Positive Consumer Experience: Consumers benefited from a more efficient and connected experience, thanks to IBIZI’s user-centric design.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the future for IBIZI holds exciting possibilities:

Admin Portal Enhancement: Introducing an admin portal for dealerships to manage operations more efficiently.

Mobile Application Expansion: Further expanding IBIZI’s reach with enhanced features on iOS and Android applications.

Advanced Analytics:  Integrating advanced analytics for insightful business intelligence, contributing to data-driven decision-making.

"Hudasoft's comprehensive automotive solution was a game-changer for our business at Ibizi. Their proficiency in crafting iOS, Android, and web applications, coupled with an intuitive admin portal, streamlined our operations. Their attention to detail and industry-specific knowledge truly set them apart."
CEO and Founder
(Automotive Industry Solution)

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