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In the dynamic EdTech landscape, Brown Coach faced the challenge of creating an integrated platform where coaches could offer online and live courses. Simultaneously, clients needed a seamless experience to discover, purchase, and engage with educational content. Hudasoft was entrusted to develop a comprehensive solution that transcended platforms and catered to the evolving needs of education technology.


Brown Coach, an all-encompassing solution developed by Hudasoft. Leveraging the .NET framework and utilizing SQL for database management, Brown Coach seamlessly integrates web, iOS, and Android applications. This approach ensures a unified experience for both coaches and clients across diverse devices, creating a versatile and accessible EdTech platform.

Technologies Used

Development Framework: Hudasoft harnessed the capabilities of the .NET framework, providing a robust foundation for the entire Brown Coach ecosystem.

Mobile Applications: iOS and Android applications were developed to extend the reach of Brown Coach, offering coaches and clients a consistent experience on their preferred mobile devices.

Database Management: SQL was employed to manage the intricate details of course data, user information, and transactions, ensuring data integrity and accessibility across platforms.


The implementation of Brown Coach involved a strategic and collaborative approach:

Unified User Experience: Hudasoft designed a user-friendly interface that seamlessly translated across the web, iOS, and Android applications, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience for coaches and clients.

Comprehensive Course Management: The .NET framework facilitated the creation of a robust course management system, empowering coaches to effortlessly manage and update their courses across all platforms.

Secure Transactions: SQL played a vital role in ensuring secure and reliable transactions, providing a smooth payment process for clients regardless of the platform.

Scalability Across Platforms: The modular architecture of the .NET framework allowed for easy scalability, accommodating the growth of the platform on both web and mobile applications.


The implementation of Brown Coach yielded positive outcomes, fostering a connected EdTech community:

Diverse Course Offerings:Coaches showcased and managed courses seamlessly, reaching a wider audience with diverse educational content.

Unified User Engagement: Clients experienced a consistent and engaging journey across web and mobile platforms, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Secured Transactions Everywhere: The use of SQL ensured transactions were secure and reliable, building trust between clients and the platform regardless of the device used.

Future Prospects

With Brown Coach now available on the web, iOS, and Android, Hudasoft has set the stage for ongoing growth and adaptation. Future prospects include:

Feature Enhancements: Leveraging the .NET framework’s flexibility for the addition of new features and improvements.

Adaptation to Emerging Technologies: Staying ahead by incorporating advancements in web and mobile technologies to ensure continued relevance in the evolving EdTech landscape.

“Very happy and thankful for their hard work and of course great efforts. Loved spending time with the team. Really liked the experience working with a young team”
Deeon Brown
CEO, Brown Coach

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