Unifying Business Operations with Custom ERP


AlAwan is a Custom ERP System for managing the vendors and customers in Logistics with an ability to perform complete financial controls.



Facing the challenges of fragmented business processes, AlAwan sought a comprehensive ERP system to streamline inventory management, finances, and vendor and customer relations. The need for an integrated solution prompted the collaboration with Hudasoft to develop a robust ERP system.


Hudasoft responded with AlAwan, an innovative ERP system encompassing inventory management, financial tools, and efficient vendor and customer management. Developed using a technology stack comprising .NET, SQL, React, and hosted on Azure, AlAwan aimed to revolutionize how business operations were conducted.

Technologies Used

Backend Development: Hudasoft leveraged the .NET framework to create a robust and scalable backend for AlAwan, ensuring efficient data processing and system stability.

Database Management: SQL played a pivotal role in managing the vast data sets involved in inventory, finances, and customer/vendor relationships, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

Frontend Development: The use of React for frontend development provided a dynamic and responsive user interface, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Cloud Infrastructure: AlAwan’s deployment on Azure offered scalability, reliability, and enhanced security, providing a cloud-based solution accessible from various locations.


The implementation of AlAwan was a strategic process, involving collaboration between Hudasoft and AlAwan’s stakeholders.

Key steps included:

Needs Assessment: Hudasoft conducted a comprehensive analysis of AlAwan’s existing workflows and identified specific pain points in inventory, finances, and customer/vendor management.

Customization and Development: Using .NET and React, Hudasoft developed a tailored ERP system that seamlessly integrated inventory control, financial management, and vendor/customer relationships.

Data Migration: Smooth transition was ensured by migrating existing data to the new system, maintaining data integrity and historical records.

User Training: Hudasoft conducted training sessions for AlAwan’s staff to ensure a smooth transition to the new ERP system.


The implementation of AlAwan led to transformative outcomes for AlAwan:

Efficient Operations: Streamlined inventory management, financial tools, and vendor/customer management led to increased operational efficiency.

Data Accuracy: The integration of SQL ensured accurate and accessible data, facilitating informed decision-making.

Enhanced User Experience: The React-based frontend provided an intuitive and user-friendly interface, contributing to a positive user experience.

Future Prospects

With AlAwan in place, Hudasoft laid the foundation for scalable and future-proof business operations. The modular design allows for future enhancements and adaptations to evolving business needs.

This case study exemplifies how Hudasoft’s expertise in .NET, SQL, React, and Azure culminated in the successful development and implementation of AlAwan, a comprehensive ERP system revolutionizing how AlAwan manages inventory, finances, and customer/vendor relationships.

"Hudasoft provided Sealine with a robust finance management system tailored to the logistics industry. Their solution streamlined our financial operations, offering efficiency and accuracy. Their team's expertise and commitment to delivering a specialized system were commendable."
Ali Akber
CEO and Founder (Finance Management System - Logistics)

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